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Your wedding reception is not your marriage, it's a 5 hour production.

Los Angeles DJ Roman Gabriel has performed just over 1,600 wedding receptions since 1989. His personal best of National DJ of the Year 1998 has brought the most valuable insight in our method to promote excellent service and good times.

As painful as it may be to read this there is no replacement for experience at your event in regards to who is the farmer. This includes a wedding planner or using your sibling or a friend in replacement roles "helping" as a reception staff member which has been tried countless times. It's not an original idea in the first place. Mostly all resulting in unhappiness or the upper end of being satisfactorily mediocre at best. I don't know what your family is like but long road trips together in a confined space along with mild suffocation is what I would get.
This is not the place nor is it an invitation for amateurs to get an "on the job" training as the reception "farmer". Introduce them to the DJ as an assistant. The DJ is the farmer but he does need help delegating. Remember there is only 5 hours and no time to make mistakes as a customer. Any valuable DJ in Los Angeles should know his way around the reception as the leader with a microphone and is seasoned like a sharp veteran to predict bad ideas that may jeopardize the atmosphere and mood. Don't jeopardize your potential harvest. 

A wedding success analogy every bride should read

start with day one

Step number one, let's begin with your wedding reception. The heart and very start of your event is a celebration hoping to blossom into it's full potential. I say hoping because whether or not your reception is a fun-filled dance party is subject to the caliber of the "DJ". Let me explain. Just like the buds of a tree from a Apple Farm. When spring arrives, these trees begin with thousands of buds blossoming a beautiful and dense display of flowers while most non-commercial apple trees never achieve this kind of blossom. Tree blossoms depend on many factors including, optimized trimming, water, soil and classification of the tree. In a wonderful display of order, several dozen big branches sprouting new smaller branches and thousands of twigs combine sunlight, beauty and energy in a dance of photosynthesis. A massive budding means the prettier the blossom will be resulting in a full harvest by fall's end. The farmer in charge of the apple farm is second to only God and mother nature. A customer who buys the apple in the grocery store does not make him qualified to manage how the tree is nurtured, managed or when its ready to harvest. Not even if the customer buys $1,000 dollars worth of apples.

Before you research, hire or plan anything remember to always first embrace your wedding reception for what it really is. It is a production. A production of approximately 5,000 pounds of food, cutlery, linen, flowers, photos, tables, chairs and objectives orchestrated from the time guests started getting ready to arrive early through the moment dinner is being digested by the majority of guests and the bored-o-meter first kicks in. Your wedding reception has only about 5 hours yet a marriage is a lifetime. Let me repeat that your wedding reception is not your marriage but a production. The marriage is not defined in the 5 hours however, choose who is really in charge of the reception. Pick the right farmer. Choose a natural orator to get an entire room to eat out of the palm of his hand in turn benefiting you and your first day together to a great start. After all if the songs you picked are good then you both win! 
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