-timing is everything

For this example let's observe two general types of wedding djs and planners. Both use an "on" or "off" switch for the TIME-LINE. The "on" switch will keep the mood of the party getting higher and higher while the "off" switch will start killing the party. This switch is truthfully a technique for some and an unknown secret to others. The technique is an unconscious choice to beginners and a conscious choice to the wedding dj and planning experts. 

Isn't it normal to have dessert after dinner?
Rookie wedding planners use option A usually because they didn't know any better. Some wedding planners will advise brides not to use option A but if client chooses so, then they use option A.

How does option C benefit me?
Just because you cut it doesn't mean you must serve it. Wait for at least 30 minutes of fast dancing to transpire but remember it should be cut BEFORE THE FAST DANCING but NOT SERVED before the fast dancing. As long as the DJ is on point, this formula will make your reception epic and not like the illustration on option A (see right).

Why is option A not good?
It's been said that too many people leave if you cut the cake to soon. The truth is people start to leave if they ate cake or dessert right after dinner. Dinner plate portions are enough food in the average stomach at this critical segue from dinner into the next item on the TIME-LINE. 

Like the Dentist, trust him and respect the process.
It may be your wedding day and we serve you but your reception should not be taken for granted nor assume the day is greater than God's design of the average wedding guest stomach. Ever wonder why God made the Israelites, that wandered in the desert, use bread without yeast during certain prayers? Probably because their prayers, energy level, focus and mind is diminished by at least 5%. Do not over estimate 5%. If you were in a rocket headed to the moon it only takes less than 1% to be off course and completely miss the moon entirely. I know, it's deep and eye opening.
NOTE: Ever feel bloated? Your event reception deserves the best optimized collective. Doesn't it?

Let me be clear. Guest leave not because you cut the cake but because they put it in their stomach too soon after eating dinner. It's NOT the physical movement of a knife slicing the cake which triggers an emotional human response to leave a celebration. It's not like an invited guest says to his wife "get the kids honey they cut the cake" and proceed to walk out the door without even enjoying a slice.
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When you hire me you agree on price and service. It's my supreme objective as the event progresses to process, one step at a time with use of every 3 minutes available and sequencing real-time what I call "mood in the air atmospheric readings by my gut instinct and extensive experience " whew! It only takes 3 songs and dessert being fed too soon to your guests to deflate the mood. Once upon a time my bride liked option A. She said it didn't matter because her family and friends were fun anyways dessert or no dessert. She admitted to me later after having to pay 2 hours of overtime because the party took so long to really get going. She was so happy and I was as well making even more money!
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consistent results from guests

"20 years ago I began to analyze why some wedding receptions were unbelievably fun for the guests and why some were, well, just okay.  I found a correlation and backed it up with graphs and simple charts."

-Los Angeles Wedding DJ Roman Gabriel 

Where on the TIME-LINE should you cut the cake and when should you serve guest the cake?
Answer= ( see option C )
With option C you get the most out of your guest and the more the guest give to the DJ the more he gives back. Notice that with option B you have to kill the party to cut the cake but with option C guest keep dancing and the party gets higher and higher. Meanwhile slices get served to the guests original seat and in between songs, festive and happy they will eat cake continuing to dance.

Weddings & serving the cake

As your DJ we offer insights, video and reviews to establish our philosophy and real-time techniques.  It is our duty to give you important information as the planning process begins.  With over 1,600 weddings performed, DJ Roman Gabriel has cracked the code to guarantee your events success.

Why on earth would you choose other than option C ?
Inform the catering staff these instructions. We do it all the time and there's no problems as long as it's requested in advanced.