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See the difference?  Sample #1 will always have more guest participating.  As you watch these videos note that It doesn't matter what the song is because we play from the brides request list.  Any song will work from the brides request list but how the reception Time-Line flows from the DJ perspective IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!  The DJ doesn't get involved in picking colors, dresses or the flower arrangements so why does the planner or 3rd party get involved in the dancing?  The high level of guest dancing and the management, flow and timing of the actual Time-Line is one in the same. Unless however, the DJ has less experience than the wedding planner, 3rd party or friend.


How qualified is your DJ?

What does a Dentist & the experienced dj have in common?

What does a dentist have in common with the dj service we provide? The average dentist invested about 10 years and at least $70,000 on his or her training and education. If you were to walk in his office, sit in his dentist patient (drilling) chair and tell him that you already have this other dentist here with you and he is going to be in charge, you'll probably get asked to leave. You could say "look, I'm paying you, shouldn't you do what I ask and grant me what I want" and "after all it's my teeth and my money" followed by "well, I'll just hire someone else". Sounds a little silly, doesn't it? 

Remember, your wedding reception is not your marriage but a 5 hour production filled with guest that started getting ready 3 hours before the ceremony, then sat an hour, followed by another hour of cocktails, then sat again during the dinner hour. You might know your guests better than the DJ but you have never put all of them through this gauntlet of hour after hour after hour before. Even if this is your 3rd marriage, it's not an fully optimized choice to put someone else in charge including yourself.

Approach your reception planning by giving us the reception time-line authority on your behalf. It's a great service. You pick the songs, all you want and we'll lay out the time-line formalities (see planning-form questionnaire) that enables our capabilities with a short time frame of 5 hours not to mention the already short attention span of guests who may be too tired to stick around long enough for the party to sizzle. It's okay not to hire us and we understand however, we know what we're doing in your benefit and on your behalf including what you can't see until it's too, too late. I only want the best out of your reception using tried and proven techniques and a solid philosophy. Don't over think how much you need to decide how things in the time-line with flow. Just pick songs and choose "yes" or "no" to formalities such as

see - Sample Planning Form Questionnaire -

How do we start the party

sample planning form questionnaire

What do I mean when I say I've "cracked the code"? The before mentioned 3 stages of dancing must progress in sequence and in the presence of the proper order of music, dim lights and alcohol but injected with cake slices at precisely the end of stage two with a segue into the 3rd and final stage of the reception dancing, whew! However, no one really knows what I'm doing or that I'm doing something with there mind, body and spirit (stomach). It's no coincidence! I do it for every wedding reception I'm in charge of the reception time-line and have full authority on behalf of the bride. It's a blessing and I feel so good at the end of the night watching adults dance for a solid 2 hours, smiling and hugging like kids again! The results of genuine compliments from the clients along with amazing video proof speaks for itself. My 20 year study is valid and extraordinarily beneficial to your wedding reception reality!!!!

the experienced dj in los angeles

epic parties & dancing

Why were some receptions Epic and others just "okay".
The wedding reception is not a marriage. The marriage is a lifetime and a reception is a 5 hour production (also see article - Never feed guest cake until). I took notice to learn, realize and adjust to why some event atmospheres were amazingly fun and classy and why some were "just okay". In my 20 year study I discovered a common denominator which would lead to me "cracking the code". My study concluded that any wedding reception dance floor should and can be packed from start to end thus enabling 3 full stages of euphoria for the guests. When achieved an extremely high level of endorphins are released causing a high amount happiness. No kidding, I have testimony, reviews and video and graphs proving this fact. I'm not making it up! (see graphs)

Why the DJ evolved from just playing the music into a 5 star general of the party.

It use to be that the DJ just played the music and someone else was in charge like the wedding planner, facility planner or the bride running around crazy at her reception and completely not enjoying the moment. It still is this way for less confident djs or very low budget receptions. If your guests lose interest in sticking around the party before it has a chance to sizzle then the DJ didn't inherent the blame. It was just assumed even though great songs were played it was just "meant to be" or "I guess nobody was in the mood" resulting in a mediocre atmosphere both beginning and through out the reception and ending.

Sample #1

TIME-LINE written & managed by Roman Gabriel of Mr DJ Services (25 years of experience)

How much is experience worth?

Money spent on an education

Over the course of 20 years, I invested just over $76,000 of paid trainings in yearly conventions, monthly seminars and weekly meetings. It was organized like any brick & mortar business with charts, graphs, video slide shows, demonstrations and speeches. Some of my visual trainings were done by observing naturally confident persons like DJ Rick Jenkins and business minded ones like DJ & MC entertainer Bill Pence. Then there were DJs I never seen perform a crowd of guests but, were graceful enough to take time out to speak to us djs on Tuesday nights every month like a comedy tour. At first I showed up because there was pizza. At the time I was a small town celebrity DJ & "on-air personality" on the radio and pretty much endowed with beautiful women and gig$$. Who needs more training, right? I learned one thing each time I sat in a chair to listen to the DJ gurus like Peter Mary, George Lopez or Randy Bartlet (just to name a few out of about 50). These week day / off-night seminars discussed "crowd management" or "how to book more weddings" and my personal favorite "what is a DJ if he can't scratch". These were the days before cell phone video conferences, youtube and webinars. It took more effort to take notes and you had to spend money on gas not to mention physically drive to the seminar. 

Sample #2

TIME-LINE written & managed by wedding planner or 3rd party with less than 7 years of experience