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Newsletters for Mr DJ Services is more fun reading material and food for thought.  Though it is research from the past 20 years it can also be considered an opinion.  However, the results from successful and extremely happy brides and private parties is hard to argue against.

DJ Research, Facts and the customer

"After my first 5 years, (28 so far), I began to reflect and study video of each event I performed.  I studied why some of the parties I performed were "Epic" and outrageously fun and why other parties were just "okay".  I didn't want to except peers and clients apologizing it was the guests "not being in the mood" or the time of day causing an effect on the party at hand.    After the past 20 years of research, fact checking and method implementing I believe I have cracked the code to a successful party.  So, I compiled some interesting blog type, informative newsletters for your mind."

-Los Angeles DJ Roman Gabriel

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