music song request list

The music song request list is the centerpiece for any party.  Mr DJ Services uses a "read the crowd" technique combined with requests and experience for each event we get hired for.  Our website tool "song search" gives you as much control of the music using a login password.   

your party style and atmosphere

"Mr DJ Services will rock your kind of party style or atmosphere with any songs/style the client chooses.  We do this by focusing on the first 3 hours of your event.  Mainly your event details and preferences.  For Example, the first hour is cocktail and appetizer music only.  The second hour is main course and formalities music.  The 3rd hour is where we start fast dancing.  Using our technique of "read the crowd" we pack your dance floor from the very first fast song we play.  If your guest don't dance, then on your behalf we use a taser and a whip to get on them on dance floor.. . . . . . . . .  . . . . no, not really ha ha but it does feel that way when you have the passion to make a party for any style of music.  Using our technique we consistently see a very high level of packed dance floors. 

-Los Angeles Party DJ Roman Gabriel

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