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When the fast dancing portion of the event begins, Los Angeles DJ Roman Gabriel will pack the dance from the very first fast dance song guaranteed!

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Portions of this article may be a little painful for some of you to read. However, the majority of this article will be refreshing for most as it is based on my 20 year study of all 1,600 weddings I performed.  2014 marks my 25th anniversary of my first wedding dj performance at the Lemoore Naval Air Station in 1989. (disclaimer)I couldn't afford James Earl Jones or Alec Baldwin to do a voice over for this website none the less to host a video version of what means so much to me.  I care more than you know about the proper way to make the greatest time of your life and on the most important day together. I ask you to look past any perceived ego and see the value in my testimony of my own work experiences during a 5 hour wedding reception. My point of view is a caring narrative for your event. My objective is to retain 95% of the guest till the last 15 minutes of your event. Unfortunately you the bride can not guarantee your guest will stick around long enough for the party to sizzle so I have effortlessly put together graphs, charts, examples and testimony from the past 20 years to guide you. Even theater actors perform for 3 weeks before a 2 hour play. Why? Well, because there is a beginning, middle and an end to the story. You may not have words but, if the play sucks or starts off "sucky" they will leave even though they paid for the tickets(wedding gift).
I want you to have a smooth-flowing event. The last half of the event, if managed properly from the beginning, is for the DJ to shine a.k.a. party time. Slammed packed with guest dancing in celebration to the songs you picked. If you have 100 guests in the room then 95 of them will be on the dance from the very first fast dance song I play. It's all I do every weekend, every year and every single event. I have "cracked" the code to retaining 95% or more of the event's guest capacity and keeping a packed dance floor while completing all bridal preferences and formalities. You must keep the guests on the dance floor to make the party and not just to start the party. Your guests, by the numbers, is what is used to inspire and create what's about to transpire in the room blanketed with a big, square dance floor in front of me, my speakers and a microphone with the event time-line in my hand. Now dim the lights and let me go to work. What I mean is a room full of people, alcohol and the right dj can guarantee the fast dancing to start packed and never stop. It's equivalent to watching a great movie with a super climactic ending, cheers and applause a.k.a. "Epic" They give awards for that in the movies or at least it becomes a blockbuster hit. You deserve no less in the same. Nobody remembers 10 years from now what the cake looked or tasted like. They only remember if they had a really great time or not. A DJ should get people dancing but a confident DJ will guarantee the maximum result. Wouldn't you rather have the maximum?

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