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Below are just 2 samples to give you an idea of the high quality available with our karaoke dj services.  Notice how clear the lyrics are and how easy it is to follow along.  You'll also hear a premium karaoke song library.  The karaoke songs actually sound just like the real deal.  This is what sets us apart from renting a machine.

Brief Sample:  Neil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline".

Brief Sample:  Spice Girls - "Wannabe"

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Get $100 off Karaoke dj services and select from the most complete karaoke catalogue ever!  If it's made in karaoke, then we have or can get it!  Receive 3 mic's, lyric monitor, DJ music, a karaoke host, lights and more.  Our DJ and Karaoke combine with over 60,000 songs to sing from and traditional party favorites to spice up impromptu dancing.  Keep the party alive as our DJ doubles as the karaoke host and a dance party motivator with the party dance music.  This dj karaoke service is unlike anything you've ever enjoyed before!

Benefits of a DJ with karaoke?

Looking to rent a karaoke machine?  There are very few karaoke machine rentals with any customer satisfaction.  Why go through the trouble of picking up and operating the machine yourself?  Not to mention, the sound quality of a self serve karaoke machine is satisfactory.  The songs on these devices are poor with limited selections compared to the 100,000 songs we provide.  Mr DJ Services will deliver, operate & host the karaoke party as well as spice up any impromptu dancing.   Our karaoke services will keep the flow of the party on an upbeat tempo and play dj dance songs in between the singers.  The experience of our Karaoke dj combines your party atmosphere and overall vision for the event.  This is part of our success formula resulting in a smooth flowing party for you!