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Holiday party dj service

The end of the year Holiday Party can be tricky when it comes to entertainment.  With so many employees from different backgrounds it's important to make the night enjoyable for all.  We play great cocktail music, dinner music and use a "read-the-crowd" technique to guarantee the dancing starts off with a exclamation point.

DJ, MC & more

"As an option with Mr DJ Services we'll initiate games, host the raffle and get the party started.   You as a client get to choose the level of interaction with the dj's expertise and charisma."

- Los Angeles DJ Roman Gabriel  

Here is a sample of a corporate company and their custom competition game they created.  Within the company itself, a memo had circulated around the office for about 6 months.  The memo, turned into office jokes and opportunity.  It claimed the management heads kept spinning as a result of the employees performance.  So, during the Christmas party, the owner decided to buy pedometers and in a fun spirit the management team were given 2 minutes to see who's head actually spun the most.   It's just one sample of many if you want to incorporate these type of games for your holiday party.