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Researching dj prices is easy on the internet however, finding your unique self expression for your party and especially a wedding reception can be a huge undertaking.  Brides like to put a personal touch in the way the overall presentation is visualized from flowers to centerpieces and ceremony song selections and vows.  I have dedicated and documented almost every event I do for you to see on our blog.  It will give you great insight especially if you have only been to a handful of weddings yourself.


finding ideas for you party

"With Mr DJ Services finding ideas for your party can be made fun.  If you are excited to make your event unique but not to our of the ordinary then perhaps scrolling through our blog is just for you.  Our blog is just like a diary or journal except our diary has video clips and pictures and it isn't hidden between the mattress of my bed.  It's here for you see what other brides and all of our clients did to spic up the day."

-Los Angeles Wedding DJ Roman Gabriel